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April 2024 Themes!

April 2024 is here, which brings us the first full month of spring!

As always, check out our content flyer for April 2024 below, and reach out to us if you or other teens and young adults in Connecticut are interested in submitting content:

Friendly reminder that content doesn’t have to be limited to what’s on the flyer. They’re just a few ideas to help get the brain flowing 😄.

Second Batch of April 2023 Reels (3)

Hi everyone! Please enjoy our latest Reels from the past week! This week we have 3 reels, two from Sarah, and one from Therell.

The Reels

In Sarah’s first reel, she shares some tips for people who experience anxiety while giving presentations.

In Therell’s reel, he acknowledges National Only Child Day.

In Sarah’s second reel, she reassures everyone that it is perfectly okay to keep learning the basics as an adult.

Thank you for keeping up with The TurningPointCT Team! If you missed the previous week’s reels, watch them here!