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How are You practicing Self Care?

It’s a new year, but unfortunately COVID is still among us. Moreover, we don’t really know how much longer we will have to be limiting our social interactions, so it’s very important to remember to take care of our mental health and ourselves.

So, how are you taking care of your self?

For me, I’ve found that the best self-care has come by allowing myself to put everything aside and watch my favorite shows or listen to music while just relaxing. Because it’s often hard to disconnect when we are working from home or have to be home for the majority of the time, I encourage you to take time specifically to unwind and indulge in what makes you happy.

Other ways you may find relief or can practice self care include but are not limited to:

-Taking a shower or bath
-Doing your hair or makeup (even if you aren’t going anywhere)
-Having a mini photo shoot from the comfort of your own home
-Setting up a game night virtually
-Facetiming favorite relatives or friends on a consistent basis
-Ordering or cooking your favorite meals

Please comment what you’ve been doing to take care of yourself!!!