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Safe Rides

Safe Rides
Staples High School
77 North Avenue
(203) 383-9492
When: Saturday nights, 10pm – 1:15 am
Walk to Public Transportation?: No
Cost?: Free
Language(s) Used in Program: English
Gender Specific Focus: All
Age Group Served: Under 18
Open Access?: No
Age/Access Restrictions: Must be a high school student in Westport
Child Care Available?: No
Frequency of Meetings or Programs: Weekly

SafeRides of Westport is a reality due to a group of dedicated Staples High School students who set out to create a program with kids_ã_ safety in mind. Ô_SafeRides of Westport focuses on keeping kids safe in a variety of circumstances when either their parents or another responsible party is not available to drive them home. Ô_The main purpose of SafeRides is to reduce drunk driving accidents and save lives! Ô_We hope to provide teenagers with an alternative to driving after drinking, no questions asked. Ô_While we in no way condone teen drinking, we do acknowledge that it does happen. Ô_In addition to not drinking and driving, we have found that there are a variety of reasons that kids might need a are red home ranging from their ride left them at a party to a parent returning from a night out and needing to get the babysitter home. Ô_Beyond increased safety in Westport, SafeRides also allows high school teens and adults to become involved in the community through volunteer work.


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