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Ananda Yoga Studio

Ananda Yoga Studio
176 Old Turnpike Rd
When: See schedule for times of classes. *Private sessions available*
Walk to Public Transportation?: No
Cost?: Paid
Language(s) Used in Program: English
Gender Specific Focus: All
Age Group Served: Under 18, 18 Plus
Open Access?: Yes
Child Care Available?: No
Frequency of Meetings or Programs: Daily

SvaroopaÔÎ Yoga interweaves a unique combination of compassionate yoga poses with ancient yogic tools to reliably promote healing & support personal transformation. It is a technique for opening the body (roopa) to find your Self (sva).

Its approach focuses on releasing the deepest muscles attached to your spine by using precise angles, alignments and carefully selected supports to create core opening where your body is the tightest.

The physical core opening along your spine simultaneously dissolves the tensions from your body through your mind into your emotions reaching all the way into the subtlest levels of your being.

The effect of decompressing your spine is amazing as you immediately experience the tangible results of quieter mind, renewed energy, more clarity, less emotional stress, and relief from physical pain.

This powerfully transformative practice further opens you to the inner experience of what yoga calls your true form-bliss. Cultivating the knowing of your inner steady state of joy will allow you to live with greater ease in your body & in your Self-receive these benefits & more.


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