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SMART Recovery Groups in CT

Are you (or a loved one) struggling to manage unhealthy behaviors like alcohol or drug misuse, self-harm, anger, gambling, anxiety, eating disorders…?

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SMART Recovery Groups are now online! During COVID-219, these meetings will take place using RingCentral’s video conference. Click on the link 5 minutes before the first meeting to download the app, if necessary. Click here for the video conference link.

Ages 18 & Up: Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm

Teens: Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm

Family & Friends: Thursdays, 6:30-8pm

SMART Recovery groups are a great FREE option to get support from your peers, learn coping skills, and take control of your life to make healthy changes.  The State of Connecticut has recently sponsored a lot of new SMART Recovery groups for teens and young adults, as well as SMART Family & Friends.  Click the map for groups for teens, young adults, and family & friends in CT:

Map of SMART Recovery (youth) groups in CT

Check out the 3 short videos below to learn more about SMART Recovery!


40 second PSA video explaining SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery gives you support and skills to:

  • BUILD motivation
  • COPE with urges
  • MANAGE your thoughts and behaviors
  • LEAD a balanced life

Learn more from the young adults who are trained SMART facilitators.

SMART Family & Friends gives you the support and skills to:

  • COPE with a loved one who is struggling
  • CONNECT your loved one to help

Learn more from a facilitator of the SMART Family & Friends group in Fairfield.

Check out this short 25 min. film centered around a young photographer struggling with addiction who is introduced to the principles of SMART Recovery. This film highlights the structure of SMART Recovery groups & how SMART tools can be used to make changes.


There is also a SMART Recovery group that meets in Spanish in Bridgeport! Visit the Spanish SMART page here.

As a bonus, SMART Recovery holds online meetings almost 24/7, so if you like these groups, you can join one any time! To find an online group near you, click here.

Download an Info Sheet About SMART Recovery in CT