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This Is America

Childish Gambino’s (Donald Glover) controversial video, ‘This Is America’ explores conflicts such as gun violence and racism. Throughout the video, black people are being shot, mimicking massacres that has happened in the past. They are also being chased. At one point in the video, the camera quickly glides past some people with their pones out, which is supposed to represent how humans often film police officers shooting or choking black people in the past. Glover’s character appears to represent how white American culture oppresses black people. Some people think that this video is overkill, however I think it is a good representation of America and how black people are treated. This video really shows the reality that black people face.

Cultural Appropriation in Halloween Costumes

Hey guys! Halloween is tomorrow!! Yay!
So a big topic I’ve been running across on my Facebook is cultural appropriation in regards to Halloween costumes.
So what are your opinions?
Do you think children should be taught that they need to respect cultures by not imitating them? Do you think wearing a costume is disrespectful? How far does that go? I saw an article stating non-polynesian children should not be allowed to dress up as Moana because it is offensive- do you agree?
Or do you think children should be left out of this conversation and only adults should be held to a certain standard?

Lets discuss this!