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Growing Up: The Coming of Age Podcast

In this podcast we talk about coming of age as teenagers and growing up. Also we explain our experiences and stories of coming of age.

Check out TurningPointCT’s newest podcast- our Summer Interns are here! And they are introducing themselves and taking about Coming of Age. What does that mean? What defined coming of age for you? How do you navigate growing up and becoming a teenager or a young adult? Click this link to watch their podcast, or if you would prefer to watch it as a video, check out this link!
Please welcome Adrianna, Cindy, and Nahjeera to the TurningPointCT team and check out their very first podcast and video!


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Wellness Warriors: “Ken”

Wellness Warriors – “Ken” is a young PhD grad student who vowed to learn more about brain science and development after an accident hurt his younger brother.

With his genius intellect and resources, Ken is the tech guy who always has the answers, and encouraging words. He is known to study the effects of positive affirmations and the subconscious. He can also call upon his parent government agency for support if needed.