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Putnam Park

Putnam Park
Putnam Park Road
Putnam Park is a great place to take a long walk/hike through the beautiful scenery that surrounds it and learn about some interesting history that had taken place in or near this park.
When: Everyday at any time
Walk to Public Transportation?: No
Cost?: Free
Language(s) Used in Program: English, Spanish, Other
If Other Languages List Below: All languages
Gender Specific Focus: All
Age Group Served: Under 18, 18 Plus, Family Support
Open Access?: Yes
Child Care Available?: No
Frequency of Meetings or Programs: Daily

Putnam Park offers a beautiful trail through the woods of the park. You can explore the exquisite nature and learn about the history and events that took place there many years ago. Walking through the park is a great to get a sense of relaxation with the blissfulness of your surroundings while there.

  • Putnam Park
  • Putnam Park
  • Putnam Park


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