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Coventry House

Coventry House
Intercommunity Recovery Centers Inc
46 Coventry Street
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
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medicare, medicaid, state insurance plan other than Medicaid, private health insurance, cash or self-payment,
Language(s) Used in Program
English, Spanish
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Female Only
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Under 18, 18 Plus
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Age/Access Restrictions
Young women
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Coventry House is a long term (4-6 months) residential substance abuse treatment facility which provides high quality substance abuse services for pregnant and parenting women. Coventry House provides gender responsive, trauma informed care to all clients.Ô_ The capacity of Coventry House is for 10 women and 12 children.Ô_ Mother is allowed to bring up to two children (4 years old and younger) with her to the program.

The program at Coventry House is designed to assist each resident to cope with the changes brought on by their alcohol and/or drug abuse.Ô_ It also addresses specific cultural and ethnic factors affecting substance abuse which is enhanced by the bilingual/bi-cultural staff. Coventry House serves clients from the State of Connecticut.Ô_ The majority of the clients are already insured through Medicaid LIA, Husky or Title XIX, but insurance is not requirement for admission to the Coventry House.Ô_ Clients are assisted while in the program in obtaining insurance and appropriate entitlements.

Mother must be 18 years or older to be engaged in treatment in Coventry House.

There is no ethnicity requirement. Coventry House serves culturally and ethnically diverse population. Coventry House accepts clients receiving Methadone or Suboxone treatment.

Coventry House provides variety of clinical and case management services including daily clinical groups, individual sessions with the counselors, psychiatric care, parenting services, assistance with housing, employment, legal issues.

Coventry House Clients who complete the Coventry House program achieve tools to maintain long term sobriety, improve parenting skills, develop sense of self-worth, resolve legal issues and improve relationships with significant others. They have been sober for 4-6 months and are able to recognize the benefits of sobriety. Their physical and mental health improves and they have knowledge on how to manage good health. They have good understanding of their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs that require ongoing attention. They have gotten into a habit of utilizing sober support available in the community.Ô_ Most clients are discharged to their own apartments, and some of them decide to go back to their families.Ô_ All clients leave the program with solid aftercare plan designed to prevent relapse and improve the quality of life.Ô_ All graduates are invited to attend Alumni night organized by Coventry House twice a year. All former clients are welcome to utilize Coventry House support regardless of the status of their discharge.


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