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Connecticut Juvenile Training School

1225 Silver Street
(860) 638-2400
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Under 18
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Can be admitted thru DCF, parole or enter from congregate care
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CJTS offers a comprehensive clinical, educational and medical assessment of each youth upon admission to the facility. Each youth also receives a career interest inventory, a vocational interest and aptitude assessment as well as a life skills assessment through the school. Clinical services include individual, family and group work based upon the treatment needs. Clinical services also include case management in preparing youth for their movement either to the community or a congregate care setting. Psychiatric services are also available including assessment and medication administration.

Education at CJTS is under the United School District 2 (USD2). The Walter G. Cady School is the school at CJTS. The Cady School offers a complete educational experience with academic and vocational offerings tailored to meet the needs of the youth.

A complete health screening and a physical examination is provided to every new admission. Access to medical, psychiatric and dental care is provided for treatment and incorporated in the individual treatment plans as well as the discharge plans. CJTS offers 24/7 medical/nursing services.

Rehabilitative department offers a wide variety of recreational programming as well as therapeutic interventions including art and music therapy.

The residential units are the 24/7 living units where youth stay during their placement at CJTS. The residential units create a residential milieu that implements the behavior management system and encourages responsibility for behavior and movement within the level system.



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