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CT STAY STRONG is proud to be partnering with The CT STAY STRONG PROGRAM!

“Helping young adults meet their goals through community support and wellness”


The CT STAY STRONG program utilizes the wraparound approach for working with young adults (ages 16-25) in the greater New Britain and East Hartford area who are in need of behavioral health related support services. Funding for this initiative is made possible by the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, via a grant from SAMHSA.

“We believe in the potential of young adults to become vital members of their communities through the transformational power of recovery”

Check out this CT Stay Strong Brochure to find out more!

Curious what it’s like to actually receive treatment from CT STAY STRONG?

Hear the reasons why young people from your community LOVE this program!

“In school, the teachers act like they know what they’re talking about to us, but when we come to CT STRONG, it’s like they actually know. I feel like they’ve been in our situations.”

“I was by myself. I had no one to go to academic-wise, getting trust from somebody to give it back… looking for other options… figuring out what I wanted to do… they don’t judge me upon what I want to do, they are like, ok– let’s work around it”

“I know there are a lot of kids just like me or worse who don’t know about the program or resources, and they are just sitting at home wondering about how to fix their problems. There are resources out there that could help them.”

What is “Wrap Around” Care?

Wraparound is a planning process used to build constructive relationships and support networks among young adults & their families. It is:

  • Community based
  • Culturally relevant
  • Individualized
  • Strength base
  • Family centered

Wraparound plans can help with:

  • Home 
  • School
  • Community connection
  • Basic needs
  • Social, emotional, spiritual, & cultural needs

Who is in the Wraparound team?

  • Clinician
  • Family Advocate
  • Employment Specialist 
  • Peer Specialist 

But, you might be wondering how will this care help you?

Hear from more young people like you who have received treatment from the CT STAY STRONG care team. 

“I mentor kids now. I take what I learn and run with it. Everything they teach me, I teach someone, and they can teach their friends.”

“I am coaching now; I want to make an impact on kids now like they did for me.”

“Everyone is different but we have similarities. They can learn from us and apply it to others. I know I can pass on to people the skills I learned, things that worked for me or others… It can help the community.”

“That’s one of the best things to learn – I will never give up. Stop worrying about what people think or what could happen. I’ll keep going and help others as much as I can.”

How do I sign up?

Referrals are reviewed on an individual basis. Please contact the provider within your community for a referral form or to complete a telephone screening.

Referral Areas:

Accepting referrals for young adults ages 16-25 residing in the greater New Britain & East Hartford areas. 

Referral Sources:

  • Self Referrals
  • Schools
  • Courts
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Education
  • Community Based Organizations


    • CMHA 
      • 233 Main Street, New Britain, CT, 06051
    • Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
      • Young Adult Services Division
    • Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
      • Young Adult Services Division

Download a PDF copy of the CT Stay Strong Brochure by clicking here.


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