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No Matter What, Just Make Time

So, I listen to a lot hip hop and rap .. and what not so when this story broke, I was really surprised that a rapper (Styles P) I know so much about and listen to would actually come out and admit his pain after sharing the news of his daughter’s recent loss to suicide. Street rappers normally take on this unbothered, non-chalant life approach to the public and barely speak out on family matters and personal issues. He took to his social media and really made some REAL comments that are resonating with me…

“But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take this time out to say from the most humbled part of my heart and soul to say to yall that the dream most of us chase is not !!I repeat is not !!more valuable than the love you get from your family and friends it may seem like it is but it ain’t they print money and make material shit everyday but once you used a love one that’s it the spirit is with you but you will miss the physical and Won’t be able to speak to them how you want to until you get home to the other side. So I just want to tell yall keep it family 1st and don’t get lost and lose your focus the fam is way more important than anything else …. We lost a daughter but gained an angel.”

My family is so important to me and although I know that, I sometimes get caught up in chasing my dreams and “doing me” that I forget to spend the time and show the love that they deserve. Im working on being around more often and making time to just sit in the living room and crack jokes with my family.. nothing in my life can replace them so I really need to get it together. It’s all about finding that balance and maintaining it… I never want to regret my last moments with anyone so im going to make sure that each and every moment that I spend with people are amazing & positive.

We don’t talk a lot in the Black community about mental health or even physical health for that matter… its really quiet when it comes to all of that so I think Styles is truly a hero. He was brave enough to keep it real with the world and shed some light on the truth. I just wish that we all were able to help his daughter out with whatever it was that she was struggling with. I wish she knew that she was not alone and that there were people for her to talk to. Im sending all of my love and support to their family and hoping that if you or anyone you know, or don’t know that well, is struggling with suicide or the thought of it, please reach out to someone or call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org .. You are NEVER ALONE!

Btw, here’s the article if you want to read it : http://thesource.com/2015/07/27/styles-p-reveals-that-his-daughter-committed-suicide-last-month/

One Reply to “No Matter What, Just Make Time”

  1. Sara says:

    Wow what he said is so powerful. Such perspective on such a heartbreaking subject. Family truly is so important and it’s so hard to lose a loved someone, especially under these circumstances.

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