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What pathway do you travel on?

Hey everyone,

With our SMART Recovery Teen Support Group meeting starting THIS FRIDAY, I thought this would be a great chance for us to talk about what pathway you guys use to support your recovery — from whatever you struggle with.

My pathway of recovery is faith based. My church’s addiction ministry has helped me stay sober and has helped me with my mental wellness. My support network is my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my co-workers and supervisor (who are really friends/family) and of course my pets!

What about you? Would love to hear about it and if you want, tell us who supports you with your recovery?

3 Replies to “What pathway do you travel on?”

  1. egbumblebee says:

    Hey Ally! Early in my recovery, I used AA to help keep me clean, which was really helpful for several years through my late adolescence and early young adult years. Later, I found it didn’t support me the way I needed it to. I eventually found a recovery group that that was run through a Buddhist Shambala Temple- I fell in love! It was a meditation, spiritual practice, and recovery meeting altogether and I was joined by many liked minded individuals in recovery, many of whom lived near me! These meetings helped me with my sobriety through many ups and downs in my life- including my unplanned pregnancy. It was also and great way for me to find solace and peace for a few hours once a week. In addition to that, I found yoga was a great way to merge spiritual and body awareness, as well as exercise, and has helped me with MANY aspects of my life and mental health throughout the years. I think also, the tools I learned in rehab, and reaching my bottom (many times) has helped me to learn to remember the true place relapse brings me, and keep myself focused on sobriety for the good of my life and happiness.
    I cannot wait to begin the SMART groups this Friday!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Allison

    Great topic. What helps me in my recovery is meditation and a breathing technique that I learned on a retreat called kriya. I do these things everyday and it really helps me in my recovery. I also volunteer to help other’s in recovery from addiction. This really helps me stay clean and sober because I know if I can’t maintain my own recovery I won’t be able to help other people in their recovery.

    Those are all great things that you do to maintain your recovery. Keep it up!

  3. Luz.Feliz says:

    Hey Ally,

    I think this is a great question, as it is often a good idea to reflect on what the things are that have gotten us to the point we are at now. In my own personal experience, I can definitely relate with Carl in the fact that being able to give back to others has been tremendous on my recovery path. By being able to do my job and help others in whatever step of recovery they may be in through phone based peer support or the development of their leadership skills, it helps me stay focused on doing better and feeling better emotionally.

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