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Are young adults too stressed out?

Are young adults the most stressed out generation? Check out what this article has to say about the increase in stress statistics among the young adult population below:

The Most Stressed-Out Generation? Young Adults

After reading the article, do you you believe the information is accurate?

Do you think the statistics would be the same if young adults somehow opened up more about the way they were feeling relating to stress?

What helps you deal with your stress?

2 Replies to “Are young adults too stressed out?”

  1. Anonymous says:


    My biggest stress factor would have to be money and bills. Although I’m overwhelmed with it I still try to remain calm by telling myself “It’s no big deal I’ll get to it when I can.” Music is another alternative that helps me relax. listening to my favorite songs puts me in my comfort zone and kills my stress.

  2. Luz.Feliz says:

    I agree with you, I feel like money and bills are definitely one of my biggest stressors as a young adult. I feel like another one would be just trying to continually accept myself in a society where everyone is “supposed” to be a certain way but I’m totally different than everyone else. It’s okay to be different and on most days I’m okay with that, but on some days I do get annoyed that society is just dumb sometimes.

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