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Coping With This Thing Called Life

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      Kevin A.

      March 30th is World Bipolar Day!!!

      Christine Miller shared this very relatable poem for ‪#‎WorldBipolarDay‬

      See more details on this years events at:


      My life, my home, the inner me,
      so filled with controversy.
      On one hand an angel, on the other a brat.
      Let’s see you contend with that.
      Outbursts of joy, or even of pain…
      like this no friends do I expect to gain.
      The good and the evil fight on neutral ground.
      My mind’s an arena in which I am bound.
      These feelings of anxiety
      bring actions of impropriety.
      And when there is joy, I sing unto the Lord.
      I give to others. I do not hoard.
      Those who watch me shake their heads.
      “Hasn’t the doctor given her any meds?”
      I’m up one minute, and down the next.
      I constantly leave people perplexed.
      They wait for me to drop the other shoe.
      There’s no telling what I’ll say or do.
      I can’t control it, although I try.
      The conflicting emotions make me cry.
      Even with medicine, the mood swings come,
      and afterward I feel so dumb.
      So many amends I have to make,
      and I’m grateful when people give me a break.
      But the loneliness arrives when no one asks me out
      to the dances or parties everyone talks about.
      So I sit alone with my broken emotions,
      pray to God, and read daily devotions.
      My world may be full of strife,
      but I’ll be set free in the afterlife.

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      Well I am bipolar too and I go through a lot of mood swings too I’m starting to learn how to ignore certain things and do not let them bother me , because you have to have control of your self . Learn how to let things go , and handle things in a mature way. Because of my history I don’t want to be in a hospital for being unsafe.

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      Kevin A.

      You will come across negative energy Jamie, but you are on the safe side. I like that you have remained positive.

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