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      Hannah Wool

      Hi! My name’s Justine, I’m 17 years old and entering college next semester.

      I’m diagnosed bipolar NOS, ADHD (look! a squirrel!), generalized anxiety disorder, and HUMAN. And I’m proud of almost all of these.

      I like meeting like- minded people, and I figured this would be a lovely way to meet lovely individuals, so I am here. (Well, sorta. I’m actually at my desk, but I’m ‘here’ in spirit.)

      Anyways, I’m living with bipolar and I’ve come a very long way. I’m ‘all ears’ (but also eyes, nose, and feet… I’m still a good listener; I don’t judge, and I’m very patient.) and I have a list of people I can refer you to if ya need something more than I can give you.

      Feel free to comment if you’d like to discuss how awesome I am, or how awesome you are, or if you need help being awesome.

      Most people are awesome already, and don’t know it. I’d like to help you, (yes, you.) realize your strengths!

      I’m done babbling. Have a lovely day!!

      ~justine the human

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