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      While we are still very much in the midst of a pandemic, there seems to be many things that are opening back up slowly and with many new rules in place. With the opening of things comes into question what things should be opening and when, and if they do, how things should be done to prevent the spread of the virus.

      With things such as school, colleges, sports, workplaces, etc., what do you guys think should be the better option for reopening? Do you have a preference? Are you eager for things to open back up, or would you rather let everything get better with the pandemic before we even begin to step back into our old daily routines?

      Let me know your comments and opinions below!

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      Truthfully, I am ready for everything to open back up BUT there should be rules that everyone has to follow. I have been out working and shopping during this tough time, but I do keep my mask on at all times and I carry wipes, hand sanitizer, extra masks (if needed), and other needed essentials to keep me safe. I have friends that have been going to parties and bars but I do not go with them because if I get sick, it’ll be bad because I have other health problems. My dad and his girlfriend had COVID because they were at a bar and almost everyone who was at the bar that night had the virus at the same time. Now we are very cautious when going places. I believe that in order for everything to go back to “normal,” everyone should follow the rules that each establishment has. As of now, cases are starting to rise again so who know when it will be safer to go back out.

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      Hello Camille0102,

      I definitely agree with you that I too am ready for everything to open back up again. It is important for everyone to follow the rules that are in place so that we can continue to move forward during this crazy time. I don’t think everyone is doing their best to follow the rules and maybe that’s why the numbers have been going up again. By just doing our individual parts, as whole we can certainly make an improvement!

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      Hmm, I heard that outside of the US, a lot of countries are actually closing down more. Like, Hong Kong reclosed restaurants and China limited gatherings to five people or fewer. I think that’s the smarter thing to do, but I’ll probably lose it if I have to stay inside any longer lol. But I feel like opening up isn’t smart and we should be careful about it.

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