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      If you could change one quality about yourself, what would it be? Why?

      If I had the opportunity to change one quality about myself, I would probably take away how angry I can get at certain situations. Often times I feel as if after I have gotten to the boiling point of an incident, things didn’t have to get so serious. I have to admit that I don’t act out and become aggressive anymore and have learned to bite my tongue in a lot of situations, but I still feel as though there are underlying things to work on that make me get so mad that I can literally feel my internal body temperature rising. I guess more self-work would have to go along with this, because me changing completely will not happen unless I really figure out what it is about certain situations that make me sooo mad.

      With that being said, are there any qualities you guys would change about yourselves? Why or why not?

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      To be honest! Being neurotic about every and anything.

      I worry about too many things and sometimes I make things seem worse than it actually is. There are definitely legitimate reasons for how I feel sometimes but there are some things in life that I need to get used to knowing that I cannot change.

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      I would change how much I worry (pretty much what you said Kevin!). For some reason I just worry about everything and anything that is going to happen. I have gotten better about not letting it show as much and not be as obsessed with it, but I still have a ways to go.

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