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      Over time, I have definitely gotten better at being able to keep myself motivated to do better and stay on track in my recovery. Despite feeling horrible and dealing with a lot of intense emotions, even all at once, I have learned to focus on a couple of things that help keep me going, my motivations. Through these things, I have been able to eliminate my self-harm and suicide attempts, as well as remain a dependable, responsible, and reliable employee because I am no longer having crises.

      The number one things that have helped keep me grounded within the past two years have been my boyfriend, my step-son, and our future goals. I know and I understand that if I am not okay, I cannot help provide the best life for our son. If I am not okay, I cannot help my boyfriend reach his goals. If I am not okay, I cannot reach my own goals, and even if I do, it will alter the path in some way, shape or form. Being able to take a step back and analyze the bigger picture of my life and have something to live for has helped me so much, even if sometimes I feel so lost.

      My question to all of you is, no matter how hard life gets, no matter what crazy and difficult things may go on around you, what helps you not throw in the towel either?

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      Thanks for sharing this Luz. It’s so so relatable.
      I was never able to be successful when I was constantly in crises, and that made me feel so awful.
      For me, the trajectory of this new path often keeps me going, in a kind of snowball effect. Also, my daughter, shes a huge motivation for me because where it used to be an option to fall apart, since I only answered to myself and yet cared very little about myself. Now, I care so deeply about my own well-being because I know how much of an effect it has on my daughter’s well-being. And hope keeps me going, sometimes not all the time, but hope for my future and how I’ll continue to grow and hope knowing I’ve come so far and built a nice life and hope that I’ll continue to do that

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      Something that keeps me going is a dream to have my own family and unconditional love for them. I want to create a home and loving place that is greater and more complete than I ever had. that dream keeps me going and it will until I accomplish it

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