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      Weeks and days have this fascinating thing about them… they just keep circling around in a loop continuously as more and more time continues to pass. Nevertheless most of us are eager for it to be a certain day of the week for a certain reason. So, with that being said, what is the day of the week that you are so eager to reach? Why is it your favorite??? I’ll go first.

      My favorite day of the week is Saturday. I love Saturdays because it’s the first day of the week where I am free to do whatever I want to do, the choice is totally up to me to decide. I have to wake up early for school and/or work throughout the rest of the week, and so on Saturdays I am free to sleep in, relax, binge watch Netflix, go out with friends, stay up later, do whatever it is I would like to do because I do not have any responsibilities that day. 🙂

      What about you???

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