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      Here’s a fun way to get to know more about the people who post on the sites, through a few of their favorite things! Simply answer the “fave category” with your the appropriate response.

      -Fave food?
      -Fave color?
      -Fave place?
      -Fave animal?
      -Fave season?
      -Fave sport?
      -Fave team?
      -Fave song or songs?
      -Fave singer or artist or band?
      -Fave show?
      -Fave movie?
      -Fave school subject?
      -Fave dessert?
      -Fave pastime?
      -Fave brand?
      -Fave way to relax?

      As usual, I’ll go first!

      -Fave food? This would be either eggs or chicken tenders/nuggets lol
      -Fave color? Teal!
      -Fave place? Maine!
      -Fave animal? Unicorns, turtles!
      -Fave season? Spring and Summer
      -Fave sport? Baseball!
      -Fave team? New York Yankees!!!
      -Fave song or songs? Say you won’t let go- James Arthur, Lay Me down, Sam Smith ft John Legend, Despacito- Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Scars to your Beautiful- Alesia cara
      -Fave singer or artist or band? Sam Smith, Bruno Mars
      -Fave show? Criminal Minds, America’s Got talent, Law and Order SVU
      -Fave movie? Camp
      -Fave school subject? English
      -Fave dessert? CHEEEEEEEESCAKEEEEEEEE ๐Ÿ™‚
      -Fave pastime? Swimmming!
      -Fave brand? Nike
      -Fave way to relax? Sleeping in and then watching Netflix all day, no phones or technology to distract me or have me drawn into Facebook or such things.

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      I used to play that game “coke or pepsi” since middle school and I loved answering those Facebook notes with all of these kinds of questions, so I had to answer this one!

      -Fave food? Corned Beef
      -Fave color? Periwinkle
      -Fave place? The beach
      -Fave animal? Elephant or Owl
      -Fave season? Fall
      -Fave sport? Football
      -Fave team? Patriots
      -Fave song or songs? Too many to choose from – but I love Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, How Big How Blue How Beautiful by Flo, and Fire Meet Gasoline by Sia
      -Fave singer or artist or band? Panic! At the Disco and Florence + the Machine
      -Fave show? 7th Heaven
      -Fave movie? Endless Sunshine for the Spotless Mind
      -Fave school subject? Math, Science, or French
      -Fave dessert? Dairy-Free Ice Cream
      -Fave pastime? Crafting
      -Fave brand? Vera Bradley (HA!)
      -Fave way to relax? Reading a book on the beach

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      -Fave food? Pizzaaaa.
      -Fave color? Green!
      -Fave place? Old Orchard Beach <3
      -Fave animal? Ostrich
      -Fave season? Fall
      -Fave sport? Football!!
      -Fave team? Steelers!!
      -Fave song or songs? Let it be, Blessed.. I have so many haha
      -Fave singer or artist or band? Martina McBride, Rihanna
      -Fave show? Big Brother, Dance Moms
      -Fave movie? Any lifetime movie.. ha!
      -Fave school subject? English, Music
      -Fave dessert? Cheesecake, pudding
      -Fave pastime? Listening to music
      -Fave brand? Hmm not sure
      -Fave way to relax? Music and beach!

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      -Fave food? Oxtail and rice
      -Fave color? Yellow
      -Fave place? I’ve never really thought if this, but I like anywhere in nature
      -Fave animal? Dogs
      -Fave season? Fall
      -Fave sport? Track and Field
      -Fave team? N/A
      -Fave song or songs? Any James Blunt song
      -Fave singer or artist or band? James Blunt/ Jason Mraz
      -Fave show? Bobs Burger
      -Fave movie? N/A
      -Fave school subject? Economics
      -Fave dessert? Ice cream
      -Fave pastime? Growing up with my grandmother
      -Fave brand? Adidas
      -Fave way to relax? Sitting outside in a park or somewhere natural, reading

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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      I LOVE DOING THESE! reminds me of myspace days haha

      -Fave food? Mac & cheese
      -Fave color? Purple
      -Fave place? The beach
      -Fave animal? Kitten
      -Fave season? Fall
      -Fave sport? Bad-mitten (thats a sport right? lol)
      -Fave team? Any pittsburgh teams to represent my dads side of the family
      -Fave song or songs? Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns
      -Fave singer or artist or band? Casting Crowns or Mercy Me
      -Fave show? This Is Us!
      -Fave movie? The Lion King
      -Fave school subject? English
      -Fave dessert? Cheesecake
      -Fave pastime? Childhood memories with my brother
      -Fave brand? STORE BRANDDDD!!! haha, seriously though.
      -Fave way to relax? praying

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      I love your honesty with the question- favorite brand- the store brand. Haha. It is so convenient that every store has things made in a cheaper brand so that more people can afford them and save money! I would have never thought of that, too clever! ๐Ÿ™‚

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