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      Many people say we should live our life with no regrets, but sometimes that’s just a hard thing to do. We are all human, and often times we are left wondering what would have happened if we would have done certain things differently. With that being said, if you had to choose one thing in your past life that you regret doing or not doing, what would it be and why??? I’ll go first!

      I grew up playing baseball, and then when I got older I switched to playing softball with the girls. When I reached high school, I was eager to be able to play for the high school team. Once the day of the tryouts came, I waled through the door of the girl’s locker room, and was overcome by so much anxiety that I took my gym bag and walked straight out of the locker room and went home. Until this day, I wonder what would have happened if I would have proceeded to the tryouts. Would I have made the team, how would the season have gone, who would have been my friends, etc. I don’t live in the past and let this stop me from moving forward, but I like to think back and wonder “what if”.

      How about you???

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      Great topic Luz!
      I’m not sure if this is a regret exactly but…
      The summer my twin brother and I turned 18 we met our dad for the first time. We were in DCF custody and he offered for us to come live with him and his wife in Texas. I said no because he was basically a stranger and I had heard so much about him throughout my childhood. I think I also felt an unconscious need to stay in CT for my mom. My brother decided to go though. I turned out to be very good for him, although hard at times. I always wonder what would have happened if I went too. I don’t talk to my dad anymore, and even when we were talking our relationship was very awkward and forced. But I can’t help but wonder what my relationship with him would be like, or what my life would be like now if I had moved with him.
      It’s a huge “what if”
      I don’t get stuck on it, or have regrets or feel angry or upset with myself. But there are times I really wonder.

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