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      Society has always had this typical idea of what it should mean to be an adult. Nevertheless, with that being said, I feel like each of us have our own opinions of what it should personally mean to be an adult in this world. What kinds of things do you think it means to be an “adult”? Do you think you have to be able to do certain things before you can consider yourself a successful one? Do you think it’s just a matter of age? I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions.

      As for me, I think even though society has their own expectations of us, I feel like to be an adult, it just means to be at the point where you can identify what you need, being able to know that you have to have priorities and things aren’t always going to be fun because you kinda gotta fend for yourself, and just kind of settling into a lifestyle of providing for yourself and perhaps others. I wouldn’t necessarily count any specific milestones to help identify an individual as an adult because I feel things such as graduating college, getting a license, etc., are great, but things like that can happen now just as much as they can happen when we are 65 and that doesn’t make us any less successful. However, it is my opinion that by putting our ducks in a row within our thinking habits, we will be able to further develop our abilities.

      What do you guys think?

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      I think a simplified version is the ability to know what is needed to be done and the consequences of each action

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