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      Hi everyone

      We all know work can be stressful but lets take some time to think about the positives of your job or working in general.
      If you don’t work and you’re just going to school, think about what you like about school.

      Right now I’m working two jobs and love both of them.
      What I love most about my jobs is the people I work with. I love interacting with other people and working as a team to problem solve.

      How about you? What do you like most about your job or school?

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      Hey Carl,

      It’s definitely great to always take the time to look at the good in the world we live in. On that note, what I like the most about my school is the diversity in the population. I currently attend Capital Community College and we apparently have the most culturally diverse student population. I love that I get to interact with all different kinds of people from all walks of life.

      What I love the most about my job are the amazing, supportive coworkers I have. Being able to work in an environment where I am well liked and feel accepted on my journey of recovery has been a huge part of my success.

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