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    All of us have our personal comfort zones, and what we are wearing, doing, eating, etc., while we are in them. If you were to describe yourself in your most comfortable state, what would that description contain? Here’s mine:

    When I am most comfortable, I am wearing pajama bottoms that are way to long for me and an oversized t-shirt, I have a Netflix show on that has multiple seasons to it in mind to watch for the entire day, I have nuggets, maybe some mac and cheese and some chewy cookies to eat throughout the day, and I have my favorite zebra fleece blanket to snuggle with.

    What does being “most comfortable” look like for you?

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    I would have to say my comfort zone is me just wearing regular close and sitting on the couch watching t.v. enjoying a snack. This is where I feel safe and stress free. We all need at least one day of the week where we are in our comfort zones what ever it is. Even more than once day a week would be nice. Thank you for posting this Luz it is definitely important to know where our comfort zones are because we all need time to relax.

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