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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Hi Everyone! We have started our CCAR Recovery Coach Academy and it has been a lot of fun so far! I wanted to share with you all about what we have been up to. There has been some awesome discussion and we have started to become a close group.

      So what did we do on Day One?

      Day One of the Recovery Coach Academy discussed things like: what is a recovery coach? Who am I? And one of my favorites: What is recovery?

      Take a look at how the participants defined in small groups their own definition of recovery:



      What is your own definition of recovery?


      Here at the Recovery Coach Academy, we have some fidget things at each of our table. Here are some cool play-dough art done:


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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Day Two of the Recovery Coach Academy talked about a very important topic: Stigma and Labels.

      In small groups, participants wrote about the labels that come along with different groups. These were negative, positive, and neutral labels. We then discussed how this would be important to know as a recovery coach. The class started talking about how to defeat labels and the stigma along with them. When we were done, we destroyed these labels (literally) and shook off any labels that we may carry around in our personal lives.

      Here are some of the labels that were created:

      And here are some new art pieces participants created:


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      Ally, I love this! Thank you for sharing. Looks like a great time, lots of learning and great self healing. <3

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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Hey friends! Back again with an update of the Recovery Coach Academy!

      On Day Three, we learned the pathways OF recovery, the stages of change, the stages of recovery, and much more! We also had a skit that participants performed in groups showing what they have learned from the academy so far. It was a day filled with laughter and a lot of fun!

      Here are some pictures from Day Three:




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