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      It’s the second day of July and I’m so excited that the summer is in full effect! What are you looking forward to throughout this new month???

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      I know one thing I’m definitely looking forward to this month is CT’s annual – hometown – convention for all of us closeted and un-closeted nerds! Only a few days left to survive until I can go spend three days away from home! I’m also super prepared to relax and go to the bookstore CONSTANTLY even though I have tons of unread books already! I don’t know about you, but there’s something about sitting in a bookstore cafe with a fresh stack of books that makes me so much calmer. I also have a surprise going away dinner planned for my best friend who’s moving away later in the month 🙁 I’ll miss him a lot but this will be a dinner just for us to really put our emotions to rest so he can leave with confidence and I can be happy in knowing HE is happy, you know?

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