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      I’m okay…I’m okay…I’m okay.

      I have to keep repeating this to myself as I try to keep going throughout my daily activities.

      But that’s just the thing, I DON’T WANT TO KEEP GOING ABOUT MY DAILY ACTIVITIES. I am emotionally tired, I don’t want to do ANYTHING.

      I am struggling to write this without shaking, my anxiety seems to be all over the place lately.

      Bad dreams cycle into my head and unfortunately become an undesired routine.

      Work days are longer.

      School days seem more complex and confusing.

      The combination of both leave me feeling exhausted.

      My mind keeps thinking about stuff I just do not want it to think about, so I try my best to train it to think about something else.

      But a simple smell, a movement made too fast, anything at all can cause a mind shift that leaves me in a paralytic position all too familiar.

      My heart beat continues to thump, as if I am running a marathon, but I’m just sitting here, typing this.

      I used to enjoy the days where “not feeling well” meant I had a stomach bug, versus the actual reality nowadays;

      Not feeling good has transformed into a tornado of the mind, where my soul seems to be trapped beneath my inner demons.

      Lately I’ve had fewer and fewer “sick days”, but I still hate when I feel them coming on

      I’ll be okay… I’ll be okay… I’ll be okay…

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      Me too, me too, me too!!! I’m trying to focus on getting just one thing done at a time and not be overwhelmed. Watching SNL clips at bedtime so I can end the day with a laugh.

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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Hey girl! I can totally relate to how you’re feeling!!! I’ve been feeling the SAME EXACT way lately! (i’ve noticed a lot of us has)

      Sounds like you’re feeling over-worked, exhausted, and pressured.. am I right?

      When’s the last time you have taken a self-care day? When’s the last time you had taken a “do nothing” day?

      I strongly recommend that you do both ASAP! It’s crucial!!

      I took some time to take myself to get a pedicure recently and I even SHUT MY PHONE OFF!!! wooooo!!!

      I’m also learning that I need to be able to say no. I’ve been practicing recently and it’s working out pretty well. I even haven’t felt guilty for it!

      I’m glad you came on here.. there’s been times that I had wanted to go on here and vent but I didn’t even have the energy to type!!

      PS… check this out… (it really helped me) ..

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      I don’t know why it took me so long to see your reply to my post ๐Ÿ™

      Nevertheless, I have begun taking self-care days, and I definitely appreciate your article. I like the idea of a tool box to keep handy, because there are definitely days that getting out of bed seems like too much to handle and having something already prepared to help me deal with the day sounds both cool and a positive way to help me get back on track faster. Thanks for sharing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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