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      With the Spring semester underway, I can say I’ve personally adjusted pretty well to the new schedule. After being used to having my classes begin mid-morning in the Fall and now having them begin at 8:30 as well as switching from a Tuesday-Thursday schedule to a Monday-Wednesday schedule, I think I’m doing pretty well. This semester I am taking another 3 courses- Human Biology, Spanish, and Introduction to Software Applications. So far my grades are great, and socially I have been able to connect with quite a few people within my various classes which honestly seems to be the biggest thing I struggle with.

      I’d love to hear how the new semester has been going for all of you! How have your grades been so far? Have you been able to make any social connections? How are your professors? How has it been adjusting to a new schedule? What classes are you taking? Please share! 🙂

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