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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Hey everyone!

      So TurningPointCT had the opportunity to be at Norwalk Community College for Wellness Day and Housatonic Community College for Fresh Check Day!

      At NCC’s event, we had tables with make your own stress balls, kinetic sand, and aromatherapy. A lot of students felt so much stress relief when they played with the kinetic sand. One young woman told me that she had some in her room that she would play with when she gets stressed doing her homework and studying. I thought that was a great way for her to be able to focus more clearly and anxiety level to go down! When another woman did the aromatherapy, she had came back to me a few hours later to tell me that it had helped her during a test she was taking! She said that she started to get stuck on some questions and she got very tense, then she smelt her wrists where she had the oil on and said it instantly relieved her body and cleared her mind!

      At HCC’s event, we had a section of resources and we also had mood mask painting, where students did different interpretations of that activity. One guy painted the mood that he struggles to have and tries to have as much as possible, even if he wasn’t internally feeling the same. Another student painted the mood that he was currently in, saying that it was a mood that he only is in when he’s not feeling stressed. A young woman had painted her mask that matched her mood because she “felt like she could be that mood again if she starts to lose that mood” (her mood was happy). It was cool to see how people altered the activity to reflect their own creativity and also express how they were feeling. We had a lot of people that were interested in the stories section of Turning Point, so it was exciting to see people get engaged and want to share their own.

      We love coming to schools and we love hearing the feedback of the event and this website!

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