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      Check out this article about the top ten issues that our youth are facing today:

      Top 10 Issues Facing Our Youth Today

      The items on this list include:

      1). Single parent households
      2). Drug and alcohol abuse
      3). Growing up to fast
      4). Materialism
      5). Violence in schools
      6). Obesity
      7). Education Disparity
      8). Shifting Economy
      9). Poverty
      10. Erosion of National/Pride/Identity

      After reading this article, do you guys think that this list needs to have more things added or changed in order to reflect a proper list of the top things our youth face today? Do you agree or disagree with the items currently on this list?

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      I really like this… its things I think about a lot, in the back of my head, in terms of Willow.
      I would add social media/ electronics.. I think they’re really addicting and unhealthy, and children are being introduced to them very quickly and not being monitored or regulated and it leads to serious issues. Playing is a child’s first learning experience. An overstimulating and simplistic approach to playing not only fails to teach children important skills such as problem solving, time management, creativity, etc. it’s also isolating, bad for eyes and brain, and another myriad of bad things.
      I REALLY agree with materialism, education disparity, and erosion of national pride.
      I see a lot of “subtle” or “unintentional” racism. It’s due more to ignorance than hatred, but it is just as bad as hate-born racism. I think about that a lot in terms of myself being a white woman raising a half-black daughter with little help or influence form her fathers side. It concerns me to think she may grow up with no understanding of both sides of her heritage (although I care very little and know a relatively small amount about my own “heritage”), or maybe even have negative feelings or thoughts about her race. Especially when there is so much casual racism which is widely accepted. Last night alone, I heard so much at our dinner table that made me shudder. One woman said “she doesn’t see color”… which I see what she was trying to convey (that she was open-minded and did not judge others based on their race) but it is still a problematic thing to say or believe, especially considering she is also a white single mother of a mixed-race child. On top of that in the same breath she exclaimed “You’re Mexican, right?!” to a hispanic girl (who is not Mexican). Sigh. Lol
      I would also add that mental illness and general stigma is another issue.
      I don’t know if I agree with the single parenting part. I get it, and I get the issues that come with being a single parent household (I was raised by a single mom) I get the financial aspect, as well as the difficulty in being a sole-provider for a child or children. Maybe I’m being sensitive since I’m a single mom, lol. But I think there are plenty of situations and families where having two parents can be worse than one, particularly in situations like mine when the relationship is unhealthy and/or abusive.

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      Thank you so much for sharing your insight on this topic. I definitely agree with the additional topics that you stated should be on this list as well as why you think they should be on here. The topic of social media and electronics, for example, is something that is a big issue nowadays and is unfortunately taking away from the way children and youth are interacting with the world we live in nowadays. It’s always a pleasure hearing your responses. 🙂

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