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Home Let’s Talk Coping With This Thing Called Life TODAY: how were you kind? How were you brave? How do you want to do better?

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    So yesterday I was at my friend’s house. We ordered dinner and were all eating, and she told me that her and her daughter do this thing every night.
    I loved it a lot so lets start doing it!

    1. How were you kind today?
    2. How were you brave today?
    3. What happened that you want to do better tomorrow? (How did you “slip” today?)

    And go!

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    I love this!!

    1. I was kind by listening to my friend talk, with no interruptions and judgments
    2. I got out of bed, when I wasn’t in the best place this morning, and told myself to be brave and get through the day
    3. I want to communicate better with people I am close to.

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    What a great idea! We could all use this extra dose of motivation, tbh

    1) I was kind by offering to do something for my grams when I noticed she needed the help; usually I would wait patiently until she ASKED or said so, but this morning I offered to take the load for her. She was shocked.
    2) I was brave, I think, by looking my depression in the face and picking up my pad + pencil and drawing for the sake of drawing. I also got some writing done. I know I’m rusty because it’s been kicking my ass and I haven’t kept up with it, but I felt good after!
    3) I feel, like Torry, I can definitely be more vocal. Especially with people I know I can trust won’t turn me out.

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    Yay! Glad you guys like ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Today I was kind to MYSELF by checking all my emails and following up on them ๐Ÿ™‚
    2. I was brave by coming to work, even though I REALLY wanted to stay home and hang out with Willow
    3. I want to work on being more efficient with my time, and work on procrastinating on things I am dreading

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    1. Today I was kind to myself by explaining that I needed extra support at work today and feeling confident enough in myself to ask for it from those around me.
    2. I don’t know if this counts, but I was brave YESTERDAY by going to therapy (even though I didn’t want to and knew what was coming) and hearing out my therapist on an issue I’ve been facing for a very long time, hearing her out on how to proceed in my recovery process.
    3. I want to work on my anxiety and this somehow casual sense of fear I have facing simple tasks; I don’t like that it has such a grasp on me.

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