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      With the craziness that the year 2020 has brought forth to many of us, I’d love to take the time to shift from all this year’s negativity and focus on the good things that have happened this year.

      With that being said, some good things that came out of this year for me were:

      I graduated with my Associate’s degree!
      I saved up and got my own place with my boyfriend.
      I started my training through my job-The Lotus Project.
      After 12 years, I was able to successfully ween off all of my medications.

      How has 2020 been GOOD to you???

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      there honestly hasnt been much as for good things that have happened in 2020, i started my job this year, i got the xbox series X this year and those are the highlights i can think of for this year off the top of my head.

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