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      Vee Ruiz

      Hey guys, it’s Isabel. I’m pretty upset about something that happened last week, so I’m posting about it here.

      I met this girl at orientation, and she was the most manipulative, ditzy, dumb, attention-seeking girl I’ve ever met. I don’t usually hate people – it’s very rare that I’m unaccepting of someone – I just couldn’t see one good quality about her.

      So when both of my guy friends started drooling over her, I was pretty annoyed. Especially since she basically pitted all of us against one another – THAT’S how manipulative she is – and now none of us are friends. It was so frustrating to me that I basically lost two good friends because of this girl.

      I hate this situation.

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      When I was in college I also met someone that was very manipulative and, in the words of someone who knew me back then, “treated me like a slave.” No matter how many times people tried to tell me what was going on, I couldn’t see how bad things were and I still kick myself for what happened. It’s so hard because in that situation you can’t even see straight. This person used to guilt trip me if I told them to leave me alone, by saying that something would happen and that it would be my fault. I wish I had listened to everyone around me.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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