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      It is now that time of year when the two best teams in the NFL face off in the Superbowl, the most important game in the NFL. The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will be competing in this years superbowl and I’m rooting for the patriots because that is my team. Some people don’t watch the superbowl, but as for the one’s who do, they all have different reasons. Some people watch it for the game, others watch it for the commercials, and some people just like to get together with friends and hangout while watching the game. As for me, I look forward to seeing a close game and getting to together with friends and eating good food.

      What do you love most about the superbowl and who are you rooting for the Patriots or the Eagles?

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      I am so bitter about the Steelers losing still… but I want anyone but the Pats to win so EAGLES!!

      I just love the superbowl in general. I have so much fun watching the game!

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      The superbowl always happens to fall on the weekend of my birthday each year, so I tend to put it on so that the friends I have over can enjoy it if they are at my place even if I am not a football fan. In past years, I have watched it even if I was alone just for the halftime show and the great commercials.

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