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      When I had a rough day or I’m feeling sad, my music is always there to change my mood. I have a taste for all genres of music, especially metal. When I play my favorite songs it distracts me from what ever is making me feel down and depressed. What is your favorite type of music and how does it make you feel?

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      I love music and the fact that it can help me when I am having a hard time. I once read a quote somewhere that said when you are okay you listen to music, but when you are struggling, you understand the lyrics (or something close to that). I feel that is so relevant to me and my personal situations when I listen to music because although I listen to music everyday of my life sometimes I just sing the song because it may be a catchy tune. Nevertheless, when I am sad, angry, anxious, worried, etc., I may scream or shout the lyrics and I understand the meaning behind each one of the words. I also tend to listen to music that captures how I am feeling at the time, so that I can feel a sort of release from shouting out lyrics that relate to my current situation.

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