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    I can relate to this article in so many ways. From being forced into inpatient psychiatric settings to feeling completely violated due to the use of a benzo injection for being considered “uncooperative”, to having CPS/DCF involvement because a parent disagrees with the treatment their child is receiving. Similar to Kelli, I believe that the mental health system is broken and doesn’t always take the patient’s human rights into consideration. I will work to change the system so that others don’t have to endure the things I had to growing up.

    Check out the article using the link below:

    The Forced Psychiatric Treatment of a Child

    What are your thoughts about this???

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    Hey Luz, thanks for sharing this. Wow, its incredibly eye opening, and really disturbing to imagine a child being put through this- under the guise of “treatment”. I am deeply sorry for her and for your familiarity with this situation. I am thankful that there are many people out there trying to make the system a better place for vulnerable people.

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