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    Although throughout this post I will include both some of the frequently asked questions and common phrases I hear in my life, no matter what I still think they all somehow seem to make me think more about humanity as a whole LOL. Here are some of the FAQ and phrases I hear in my daily life:

    -Why are you so short?
    -You make the perfect arm rest.
    -(when making phone calls) “Hello sir, have a good day man”
    -Why are you so loud? or You don’t have to yell.
    -Your feet are really small.
    -You smell really good.
    -You look just like your mother!
    -I didn’t you had a brother.
    -You’re allergic to ALL nuts? (guys mostly)

    What are some of the questions and phrases you hear most in your life?

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    Hahahah some of these are really funny Luz!

    Some of mine I hear are

    “you look just like_____!”

    “Do you work here?” (Happens a lot in some stores. I am surprisingly nice about it, even when my current clothes don’t match the store uniform lol)

    “How tall are you?”

    I’m sure there are more that I have forgotten too. Some of the things people ask can be ridiculous and leave me thinking “what is up with this creature?!”

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