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    Hey guy! We are nearing that time… Summer!!
    How do you guys feel about summer? Do you like it, hate it? Is it hard to not be in school with a bunch of people you know and see every day? Do you ever feel triggered to go out and about?
    I am so excited to finally have time to socialize a bit more and do some fun things with Willow. It’s been a long dark winter! And school has been so overwhelming.. I can’t wait for it to be over

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    I am soooo looking forward to longer nights, more adventures, swimming and sun tans, lots of baseball, BBQs, and making more memories! I love that even though I will be taking two classes, it will only be for the first 3 weeks of summer and then I get to go to Florida right before the semester starts back up again. I’m so excited! 🙂

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