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      So I have had a lot going on lately, and I have been super busy, a little stressed, and also excited.
      Sometimes though, the stress is so loud in my ears that it’s hard to appreciate the good surrounding it.

      So, I am going to reflect on the many exciting things buried within the stress of my life right now.

      -I am MOVING!!! Willow and I will be in our very own home very soon (more on that in my blog pretty soon!! Sorry guys, I know I’ve been pretty MIA on my blog)
      -I am almost done with my first semester back at school. I am doing really well, and although I am not perfect, I am going to school, working, taking care of Willow and getting through life with Willow and I am SO proud of myself
      -I just registered for three classes for next semester!! 2 in person and 1 online! I’m nervous and excited!
      -I have not self-harmed in almost 2 and a half years. That may seem like a random reflection, but during times of stress that used to be my only coping skill- and I have been so stressed lately. The though of self harm has even popped into my head a few times, but I realized that automatic thought process only shows how far I’ve come. My brain goes there because it’s used to during times like this, and I have not entertained any thoughts about it. I am so proud for that.
      -I am proud of myself. And I’m proud that I’m proud. I’m not afraid to say that I’m doing well, I’m handling a lot and that I feel good about myself. A few years ago that was nearly impossible for me to do. But today, guys, I am proud of me!!!

      SO…. How about you guys?? Dig through that stress, what are you proud of yourself for? What feels good beneath all the muck?

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