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      These breaks always come at the PERFECT time! I’m starting to struggle personally, and getting behind in some ways. I was just thinking that I needed a break so badly, and then Luca reminded me that we have spring break next week!!

      What are you guys going to do next week?
      What are you looking forward to most?
      What do you wish you could do?

      I’m going to REST ALOT. I’m going to get 8 hours of sleep every night!!! Haha I can’t wait. I’m also going to bring my daughter to a couple new museums that we haven’t gone to yet.
      I am looking forward to doing some much needed self-care. Guys, I haven’t had my hair cut since right before I got pregnant. That was almost THREE YEARS AGO.
      I wish I could fly somewhere with white sand and blue water and sleep on the beach every day… but that’s not happening!! Haha ๐Ÿ˜›

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      You know, I’m so accustomed to the routine of the middle schoolers in my neighborhood having their break in April, that I forget those of us in college have a week off in March. I had to write in the calendar so I wouldn’t end up going in that week by accident!

      I think… I’ll definitely have some things to do with what my Professor assigned for work (more math). But what I really plan to do is try and get outside if the weather lightens up a bit. I’ve definitely been missing the sun and I may not tend to get depressed during winter, but even I don’t like staying indoors 24/7. Maybe I’ll treat my grams to a trip to Barnes &. Noble + dinner!
      I’m most looking forward to the free time. Still gotta work, of course, but at least I won’t have to worry about school for a bit. I also feel like I’m looking forward to re-establishing a routine with my creative coping skills. They kinda’ fell off the less motivated I became over time, so fingers crossed I’ll hop back on the wagon the more I keep up with them. I also think MAYBE I should shave my legs haha!
      What I really wanna do though is travel. There’s no way I can and my grams and I have very different destinations in mind (me, wanting to see Europe and her, wanting to return to Puerto Rico), so we’d never get to travel together. I have such a wanderlust feeling! I want to see and do all these things that I can’t find here in CT, you know? But well… Maybe someday we’ll see the world! Even if it is in spirit. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      We will totally get out and see the world… one day!! Haha. I hope your break is going well. Mine seems anti-climactic, I feel like nothing has changed! Work and homework every day, but I’m hoping to carve out some time for myself this weekend, and bring Willow to do some fun things. I have Friday off, so long weekend! Yay.

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