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      seeing that we just got around a foot of snow, what are some things you might like to do on snow days and or what you used to enjoy during snow days growing up?

      some days i think about having our snowsuits at school and having to put them on before recess so we could go play in the snow at school.

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      Snow days used to be so much fun! I remember that growing up, we would always go to the same place that had a smallish hill to go sledding. Once we got to a certain age though, we were able to go to a different place that had a much steeper hill. Being able to actually move on from the “kiddie” hill and go down the bigger one made us all so proud back then, as if we had just graduated from life LOL.

      Nowadays I don’t really like the snow too much. I do prefer it over rain, but I hate the mess it makes.

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