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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Tuesday and Wednesday I had the privilege of speaking to Norwalk High School students in Norwalk, CT!

      The students were so receptive and they were awesome with asking questions! I also got to chill with some students during the free time I had there and a little after school. Convos got pretty deep, so I really wanna give kudos to the ones who had the courage to be so open about their experiences.

      Some highlights:
      -one kid came up to me afterwards and said, “it’s crazy how you went through all of those hard things all starting from weed. like, if you didn’t smoke weed, you would have never went to anything else. wow. makes me think twice”
      -questions asked: “What is your greatest accomplishment?” “whats your relationship like with your family now that you’re sober?”
      -one kid told me I should write a book! cool!

      I’m excited to return next semester and hope to see kids jump on the forum!

      It was also nice to hear about the support that the kids have in school, like alateen and alanon!!

      Also, one important thing I realized was that many students that were struggling with a variety of struggles did not seek counseling at the school in fear that there would be no confidentiality!!! That was disappointing, so now that they know their parents or friends won’t know what’s discussed, they seemed more relaxed about the thought of seeking counseling.

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