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    Shout out to Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk!!

    Ally and I were at Brien McMahon today for their first Week of Wellness (WoW)! I was there Monday night to talk to parents and students who came to watch the movie Angst (a documentary about Anxiety, primarily focused on teens) and was so happy to come back today and hang out and talk to some of the students! Ally and I did a “Chill Out Lounge” where students could go to different tables and ‘chill out’ with sensory items geared towards each of the five senses. We had essential oils, cinnamon, and vanilla extract in the smell. In sight, we had bubbles and dissolving paper (so cool!) with blue water. Touch had kinetic sand, water beads, and rice. Taste had gum, lifesavers, caramels, and pretzels. And sound has acoustic music and soothing sounds.
    We got to talk to some awesome students, and had a great day! One of them was even vlogging from the room!
    Ally will be back tomorrow with Olivia! Thanks so much Brien McMahon, you guys rock!
    Check it out!










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