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      Hey guys! Last week on Thursday and Friday I got to go to Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk and speak to four different health classes!
      It was awesome, and I met some really great students.
      I loved having the opportunity to share a little bit of my story and talk to students who are struggling.
      I hope I see some of you guys here, and next Thursday at our first SMART Teen Group at the Norwalk Library!!!
      Shout out to McMahon, you guys are awesome!!!

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      Hi Eliza!

      I know I haven’t been on here in forever (a post coming on that soon) but it sounds like it went really well! Was there any particular part of your story that the students most were interested in? I know a lot of students must have been really grateful to hear you speak? And was there anything that surprised you if they asked you any questions?

      I know the Norwalk Smart Group will be amazing! – Michael

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      Hey Michael!!
      I think the part of my story that seemed to illicit the biggest emotional response was when I spoke about my families and the issue and hurt that came from the dysfunction. From reading people’s faces, it looked like a lot of people could relate in some way to that.
      Norwalk SMART is going so well, I really love going to the group and feeling a connection to everyone that comes, I am so grateful that it’s been going well.

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