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      Hey all! I wanted to create a topic that was theme based on the day of the week. From seeing the Words of Wisdom Wednesdays, I wanted to continue that trend! This could be about whatever you do to help cope with things, or express your feelings in a positive way. Suggestions that work for you, or even just needing to vent ans get things off your chest.

      To start it off, a good amount of people, friends, and supports know how busy my schedule has been. There are days where I am drained. They notice it and have been telling me to take some time for myself and have some self care. I’ve always been the person to put others before me. People I am close with have told me to do whats best for me and putting myself first. So it has been a really different feeling. I want to keep moving along like usual. However, I know they are right. I know how important a structured schedule is regarding my personal mental health. I now have to incorporate some self care on a daily basis with that schedule.

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