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      So guys we are more than halfway through the semester!!

      How is everyone doing?

      I started falling behind a little in my abnormal psych class- which was kind of disappointing because I really like it and feel comfortable with the material. But I struggle with time management. But, I’m back on track and doing well!!

      I am excited for the semester to end and to have a little break.

      How about you guys?

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      Vee RuizVee Ruiz

      From convos with my friends and fam, I think everyone is just going through the motions at this point. I’m okay with everything, just trying to focus on finishin strong and not getting distracted by the fact that this break is so very much needed.

      Good luck with your time management… calendars and reminders help me!

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      Hey Vee,
      I have found myself in a similar place after the Thanksgiving break. I feel my motivation going down, though I feel as though I have gotten myself into a pretty good maintenance stage where I know much better how much time I need to do things, which is great. But I definitely can’t wait for that month break after the semester ends!!!
      Good luck with the rest of the semester!! I hope you finish strong 🙂

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