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      Hello everyone!

      Although it seems that some things have begun to go back to “normal”, there are still many things that are different than what we are used to due to the pandemic. So, let’s talk about it!

      For those who are working- how has work been for you since the start of the pandemic? Has anything changed as certain restrictions have been lifted?

      For those who are in school (any kind of school), how has it been adapting to remote learning, or any other changes that have effected your life as a student?

      I’ll start! For me, work has been remote for the most part. I find that it has been useful to have a structure and schedule even if I am working from home, that way I can be the most productive.

      As for school, I actually like the option that my school has for students, where some people can attend in person, and others online. This way, you can get the hands-on experience when needed but also don’t have to miss class in the midst of a sickness, etc.

      How about all of you???

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      Hey Luz! Thank you so much for starting this thread! Its extremely important to have like a check in or reevaluation of how work and school have been impacted by the pandemic.

      I work two jobs 6 days a week. One is working from remote, and one is in an elementary school. Having a schedule and structure is extremely important. As well as paying attention to self care and burn out.

      As far as restrictions being lifted, they are changing the schedule and schools for the district I work in. The kids are normally split into 2 cohorts and are staggered. Co Hort A is Monday and Thursday, and Co Hort B us Tuesday and Friday. The kids are all remote. I am the director for before and after care at one of the elementary schools in the Middletown. The board of ed had a meeting and starting March 15th they will all be back in school 5 days a week. A lot of people/staff in the school are nervous, and not sure how things will play out. The dynamics are changing completely.

      As far as school, I have to take 4 exams to have credentials needed for my position in the school. My first exam I took was on Saturday, February 20th. It was 100 questions, multiple choice. I haven’t taken an exam since High school and I’m 26. So I was extremely nervous. I didn’t have to take a college course. Just an exam that was condensed into a college course semester that related to the work field. I spent so much time studying, and asking other people what they did to study for exams, and what was helpful and beneficial. Definitely has me anxious, but learning to adapt and going through the process knowing I have to take 3 more I feel better getting the first one out of the way. A lot of stuff going on, and just trying to take things one day at a time.

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