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      I’m sure many of you have heard about Roseanne Barr and the controversy surrounding her show and her life at the moment. If you haven’t heard, a very popular actress, Roseanne Barr, had her show cancelled due to a racist twitter rant she had. In our world, racism is obviously still very evident. What does the cancelling of her show demonstrate? Did the network do it just because they knew it would be controversial to keep her on? When racism is so evident in the public eye, what message is it sending our youth? are we resorting back to our racist history? how can we prevent this behavior? How can we stop racism throughout our nation?

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      I’m so glad you brought this up, Beth. Ally and I were actually just discussing this. The comments that she made were truly disgusting, not to mention incredibly racist and wrong. I’m even more disgusted by the fact that the President of the United States has made some disgusting comments and is doing some unspeakable things- he hasn’t lost his job yet… but how quickly did Roseanne lose her job? I don’t think that’s right.

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