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      Check out this Inspirational Video!

      The Tragically Heartbreaking and Uplifting Life of Robert Down…

      This man is a legend!

      Posted by Power of Positivity on Thursday, October 5, 2017

      “I swear to God I am not my story.” Many of us have struggled immensely throughout our lifetimes, just as this famous actor did. His story shows us, however, that we must not remain stuck in the mud, but rather make a choice to become better than the difficult hand life has dealt us. Recovery from ANYTHING is possible. I AM LIVING PROOF! 🙂

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      THANK YOU for sharing this with us! It’s such an inspirational story and really brings light to the struggles of mental illness as well as addiction. We have a poster hanging up in our office that lists famous and well-known social figures that have struggled with mental illness. Some of these figures include Carrie Fisher, Kurt Cobain, Abraham Lincoln. Each day I walk into the office and see this poster, I’m reminded that people who are well-known and loved have left a legacy on this world that is so far beyond their story of mental illness.
      Thanks again for sharing this. I needed this bit of inspiration today!

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